hands ...

express manicure 25  [ men15 ]

nail shaping, cuticle care, moisturizer, polish.

express gel manicure 45

express manicure + shellac gel polish.

SIREN manicure 35  [ men 25 ]

nail shaping, cuticle care, 10 minute moisturizing massage, sugar scrub, polish.

GRACE manicure  55

the works, SIREN manicure + shellac gel polish.

little SIREN manicure  15

12 and under. nail shaping, moisturizer, polish.

enhancements ...

 our acrylic nail techs can do some pretty amazing stuff. Those insanely awesome blinged out nail photos you pinned on pinterest ... bring em! We've got you! The 3D nail art you saw on instagram ... yep! We can do it!

because so many of these designs vary drastically in time, product and enhancements, the pricing will also vary. show us what your heart desires and we're happy to price it for approval before we begin.

the service times allotted on our online booking are for basic services, so if you're looking for something amazing ... give us a call! that way we're able to schedule the correct amount of time needed for your creation!

basic acrylic full set 55+

single color acrylic with polish or white french tips.

basic acrylic fill  45+

single color acrylic with polish. fills on creative design work are priced accordingly.

ombre acrylic 65+

2-3 colors of acrylic blended and faded together.

custom creations + nail art 5-10 per nail

swarovski crystals, hand painted design, 3D art, images, colored acrylic design work.